Nexus television - simply the best!

Video equipment

NEXUS started off recording one programme a week, on Monday evenings, in the Audio Visual Centre. This was transferred by the AVC to a roll of Sony 1/2" video tape and we were loaned a very heavy Sony ACE-2100 VTR which we initially used to replay the programmes in a room in the Arts block. Good fun but a bit limited.

Once the Students' Union building - Union House - was opened, NEXUS secured office space on the first floor and shortly afterwards set up a portable large television screen in the Foyer every Tuesday, to show the programme which had been made the night before. 

Over time, the Foyer screen became permanent and mounted on the wall in a steel box, and connected back to the NEXUS office, which grew into the control room. The studio, also on the first floor was set up and cables run inside the false ceiling. Programmes could now be made at any time and shown seven days a week, but Monday nights remained for recording in the AVC.

Later still the two television rooms on Floor one were connected to the NEXUS control room, giving three viewing locations. Various experiments with low power television transmitters were mad over the years, and by 1977 it was possible to watch NEXUS at various places on UEA Plain as well as nearby streets.

So from a single VTR, through video editing systems, portable VTRs for OB work to state of the art special effects, this section will look at the tools NEXUS used to make it's programmes.