Nexus television - simply the best!

AVC - Audio Visual Centre

This is in many ways the 'nest' for NEXUS and was the purpose built television studio which was and still is under the Library.

It consisted of a single full height sound stage with control gallery, VTR room and workshop. The administrative office were on the other side of the road, underneath the row of shops. It was there that Malcolm Freeguard,. the Director and June his PA ran both the AVC and offered much advice to the fledgling NEXUS.

The studio itself was under the control of Wally Tyacke, assisted by John White and various other engineers.

The studio itself housed four EMI B&W cameras, one of which (in 1972) had a zoom lens with the other two having three lens turrets and the fourth one being a static used for captions and rollers.

Overlooking the studio was the gallery, complete with sound and vision mixing and all the CCU hardware. Behind then gallery was the VTR suite, with 1"C format machines, a couple of QUAD format reel to reel and, as time went one, Sony 2100 1/2" machines, then cassettes, U-Matics and more modern formats.

The entire system was, of course, B&W and modeled very extensively on the current BBC standards and ethos.

As of 2021 the Studio is still running, but with modern colour equipment.