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Akai VT-110

Once the idea of a basic studio - camera & VTR - was established, the next logical step was to look at ways of shooting video on location. Early efforts involved moving the 'studio' to a location and setting up the Sony 2100 VT and one or two cameras, but something more portable was obviously desirable. In the early 1970 Akai developed the  VT-100 and shortly afterwards the VT-110 which were B&W mobile 'camcorder' systems using 1/4" reel to reel tape. The VTR had a detachable B&W 3" monitor and around 15 minutes of video could be recorded ona  tape. This then could bre taken back to the studio and copied and roughly edited onto a 1/2" Sony 2100 VTR for later transmission.

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The VT-110 worked reasonably well but was rather delicate and when the Sony 1/2" portable format was released a few years later, this rapidly replaced the Akai, especially as the tapes could then be played directly on the 2100 VTRs, both being EIAJ standard.